Anita Jerkovic


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+44 (0)20 3463 8900

Managing Director & Deputy Portfolio Manager

Anita is Deputy Portfolio Manager for the EPISO fund series, and part of the Portfolio and Asset Management Team.

Prior to joining Tristan, Anita was Director and Portfolio Manager at Patrizia PIM (formerly Rockspring PIM) where she was responsible for the TransEuropean series of funds, which are pan-European, value-add, cross sector funds, as well as managing their European-based asset managers.

Before joining Patrizia PIM, Anita worked at Goodman International where she was an Assistant Fund Manager to the Arlington Business Parks Fund, which included both a stabilised and a land portfolio.

Prior to Goodman International, Anita spent four years at AEW Europe (formerly Curzon Capital Partners) where she worked with Ric Lewis and other members of the Tristan team as an Associate Director for the value add and opportunistic series of pan-European funds.

Portfolio & Asset Management