Portfolio & Asset Management

Working as one

The entire Portfolio Management platform works as a single coordinated group reporting to the Head of Portfolio and Asset Management. This is important as the efficient integration of all the various roles and responsibilities is essential to optimise returns and ensure transparency and the timeliness of reporting of Tristan’s funds.

The four “in-house” groups within Portfolio Management, comprises portfolio management, asset management, fund operations and Luxembourg operations. These groups are staffed with 41 experts in these particular fields.



Our vision

Our core objectives are to:

  • Maximise returns for our investors
  • Implement our (RPI) strategy
  • Further embed the management of sustainability issues into our core business activities

Working in Partnership

Our core values support:

  • Embedding high standards of governance & ethics and RPI practices throughout our operations 
  • Communication of our sustainability performance transparently to all relevant stakeholders
  • Engage actively with industry RPI initiatives

Future-Proofing our Investments

Ensure that we make future-focused investment decisions through: 

  • High-quality research on material issues
  • Mitigating our risk exposure and maximising opportunities to add value 
  • Enhancing the environmental and socio-economic performance of our assets and portfolios

Transforming our Assets

We seek to optimize returns from our assets by:

  • Improving the overall sustainability performance
  • Focus on compliance, obsolescence risk and cost management
  • Focus on issues which support value creation