Investment Strategy

How to turn a good asset into a great investment

Tristan believes opportunities arising in the next few years will be amongst the most exciting of the past two decades. It’s a bold claim to make, but the fact is that significant investment opportunities are opening up across Europe, due to dislocation in the real estate markets caused by the credit crunch and the subsequent economic turmoil. In this context, investors who partner with the right managers are perhaps set to realise very attractive risk-adjusted returns.

Strategies to challenge the market

The Tristan investment approach encompasses opportunistic / value-added (EPISO fund series) and core-plus (CCP fund series) strategies.

We actively pursue assets that present a healthy slug of ‘asset management challenge’ – we’re not interested in simply buying something in the hope that yields compress. Instead, our clients know that every asset we acquire has a clearly defined plan to pro-actively increase the value of their investment. We take pride in embracing opportunities that demonstrate how our teams can add value.