Research & Strategy

Dedicated research group

Real estate is inherently cyclical and earning a return on clients' capital requires an ability to manage through this cycle. Tristan has a dedicated research group that is responsible for developing strategic and tactical ideas, allowing the firm to respond appropriately to this challenge as it seeks to maximise risk-adjusted returns.

Tristan’s proprietary research is specifically designed to allow us to maintain conviction in our decision-making even when confusion and uncertainty prevails as markets move and change.


Research tools that support

Developing a responsive, insightful research team is not just a matter of juggling information. In the investment management business, your ability to predict future trends and spot opportunities early depends on building the right tools for strategic analysis.

Our execution and investment expertise is always supported by top-class research. Working with Tristan gives you direct access to an innovative and far-sighted in-house team, supplying data-driven guidance on all major investment decisions.

It is the blend of vision, experience, teamwork and performance that underpins everything we do.