Integrating ESG into everything we do

Environmental, Social and Governance (‘ESG’) issues are rapidly reshaping the real estate investment landscape and are of increasing importance for all of our stakeholders.  From an investment perspective, our mission is to protect value and identify opportunities to drive additional value for our investors by integrating ESG analysis into every stage of our investment process.  We do this in three ways: by working in partnership with our stakeholders; future-proofing our investments and transforming our assets.


We have a comprehensive ESG Policy in place explaining our approach to the sustainability issues that affect our investments, including how we integrate sustainability risks into our decision-making process. Our ESG Policy is in alignment with EU’s Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation.

To find out more about ESG at Tristan, please see Tristan’s ESG Committee, along with our ESG Policy, Responsible Investment Policy and our Stewardship Policy. You can also download our latest ESG Report here.

Working in partnership with our stakeholders

Our business was founded on the guiding principles of integrity, honesty and trustworthiness, values we share with everyone that chooses to invest alongside us, and work with and for us.


Future-proofing our investments

We believe in asymmetry of risk and return: managing the downside while maximising value for our stakeholders. This includes identifying, anticipating and responding to the growing range of current and future ESG issues that can impact property values in order to help us preserve and enhance performance for our clients.


Transforming our assets

Our investment strategy across both Funds series is focussed on buying, fixing and selling assets. Through our comprehensive pre-acquisition checklist, we identify material ESG risks and opportunities which are built into our asset business plans in the pursuit of creating stabilised, energy efficient, sustainable and de-risked assets.