Diversity of experience, clarity of vision

With over 200 years of combined experience, Tristan has a team of over 100 employees operating from offices in London, Stockholm, Paris, Madrid, Luxembourg, Milan, Dusseldorf and Warsaw. The core group of senior professionals has previously worked together for an average of 15 years while at Curzon Global Partners and its associated/affiliate companies.

Collectively, we bring a broad and multi-disciplinary base of expertise to the table – from real estate and debt capital, through to equity, FX and commodity markets.

Our people, our values

Such a diverse breadth of experience, we believe, will be essential for clients who want to successfully navigate a volatile marketplace for many years to come.

Our people and our values are our key assets. We strive to ensure Tristan brings them together, so that our select group of clients enjoy access to a uniquely powerful real estate investment management capability.

  • 200 years combined experience

  • 100+ strong

  • Diverse breadth of experience

  • Operating from 8 European locations