Portfolio & Asset Management

Working as one

The entire Portfolio Management platform works as a single coordinated group reporting to the Head of Portfolio and Asset Management. This is important as the efficient integration of all the various roles and responsibilities is essential to optimise returns and ensure transparency and the timeliness of reporting of Tristan’s funds.

The four “in-house” groups within Portfolio Management, comprises portfolio management, asset management, fund operations and Luxembourg operations. These groups are staffed with 41 experts in these particular fields.



Mission statement

At Tristan we see environmental sustainability as an important part of real estate investment. We believe that taking a responsible approach to real estate investment management will help us in achieving our investment goals and will enhance the value of our holdings for the benefit of our investors. We are therefore taking a thorough and proactive approach in implementing elements of sustainable management into all aspects of our business.


Tristan’s objective is to maximise investor returns, while taking into consideration environmental, social and governance matters, all of which are extremely important in our fund management process. We are committed to managing our assets to interlink the interests of responsible investment with responsible ownership. We take an active approach in working with our partners to ensure our investment and sustainability goals are met. We are committed to complying with all regulatory requirements and existing legislation.